Hemp Media Internship Program

A unique internship experience to Build Your Career Portfolios.






Get Experience Creating Content

From video editing to script writing to acting, the professional skills you'll learn as a Hemp Media intern will provide you with a strong foundation to start building whatever type of career you want to have.

Whether you're launching an advertising campaign or redefining content marketing, your media project will have a lasting impact - on your team, on our customers, and on our society.

Through working with our Filmmaker In Residence, and forming relationships with other interns, you'll create a community to help support your personal and professional development throughout the intership and as you launch your career.

As a Hemp Media intern, you'll be put in the driver seat and recieve the opportunity to develop your craft in a real world setting.

Learn By Doing

"The Hemp Media internship program gave me the opportunity to find my passion in the workplace. I now know that editing video content, in any capacity, is the skill that I really want to grow full time - and that insight is invaluable."

Pamela Aguilar

15 AUG 2018, 14:42

"I learned how to grow an idea into something real: create a piece of content, apply data and get others to buy into your vision. That's how you influence the business, or any project, for the better."

Grace Cole

19 DEC 2017, 12:37

"Working on content marketing projects was incredible. The intership program gives you the control to be creative and make an actual impact on the business. And now my career portfolio is full of real world experience.

Betty Rivera

21 MAR 2018, 18:22

Media Intern

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Who should apply to the Hemp Media internship program?

The Hemp Media internship program is for rising students or recent graduates that are interested in media or marketing opportunities. We've designed our program to expose young people to career opportunities in filmmaking, advertising, sound engineering, acting, graphic design, photography and more. This program can be completed from the comfort of your home, so anyone may apply.

How do I apply?

Click the link below and complete the internship application.

What is the scope of the program?

Hemp Media interns are placed on teams across Video Editing, Writing, Acting, Photography, and Graphic Design. Their work is core to Evo Hemp and varies in scope and in length - ranging from day-to-day content creation to a single long term project lasting the duration of the internship.

The intership program is typically 4 months in length and requires roughly 10 hours per week. This program can be done remotely, with opportunities available immediately.

This is an unpaid internship. Participants are given Evo Hemp Influencer status, which includes over $300 in CBD Supplements or Hemp Food Products per month. Interns have the opportunity to earn cash bonuses up to $1000 for high performing content (details available upon request). Refer A Friend to join our internship program and earn a $50 cash bonus (submit your friends name and email address to ari@hemphealth.com).

What kinds of training opportunities are available?

Editors will gain experience in creating video content for a consumer products company. Writers will build their portfolio by contributing to video scripts, magazine articles and blog posts. Actors can lead new web series and develop their pesonal reels. Photographers and Graphic Designers have the opportunity to build portfolios with actul advertising campaigns.

What happens at the end of the program? 

Our ultimate goal is to bring great talent to Evo Hemp. All Hemp Media interns will have the opportunity to be considered for a full-time role at Evo Hemp. Interns will also be given a reel of their work to include in their career portfolios. Letters of recommendations and access to job networks will be available for Hemp Media alumni.